Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweets cupcakes at The Hershey Hotel

I had the pleasure of visiting Hershey, PA this past weekend! And to my surprise, it was a lot of fun! We skipped the whole amusement park thing, and spent most of our time exploring the town that Milton Hershey built, checking out the museums and stores, and of course tasting all the delicious treats Hershey, PA had to offer!

I was most excited to visit Sweets cupcakes at the famous Hershey Hotel. It was a very small shop, but adorably decorated. It had plenty of little cupcake themed gifts, cupcake cookbooks, and of course their signature cupcakes baked with Hershey ingredients.

I chose 3 "taste" sized cupcakes: smores, chocolate & peanut butter, and of course the red velvet. My favorite was the peanut butter. The smores had a graham cracker cake, which had a little too much cinnamon for my liking. The red velvet went down pretty easy too. They were super moist and delicious and very cute on presentation (which is super important to me!) I also tried one of their "classic" sized cupcakes. I chose the vanilla with pink vanilla frosting. The cake was yummy and moist and the frosting was very light.

Overall, I was pretty impressed and enjoyed what Sweets had to offer. I highly recommend it if you plan on visiting Hershey park this summer!


  1. Good to know... by the way, love the new page background!

  2. One thing I notice about this chocolate is that the time between when you put a piece of it in your mouth and the time you can actually taste the chocolate is a lot longer than with many other chocolates.