Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Things Come in Small Packages

"Her vision to create a unique and tasty line of delectable "dollhouse size" miniature desserts has become her signature approach in this vastly growing market. By transforming traditional sweets into dainty Dollhouse treats, she created a gourmet dessert menu comprised of completely original desserts, inspired by the enchantment and nostalgia of a dollhouse."

I was able to catch up with the winner of Cupcake Wars, Lindsay Morton! Lindsay is the owner of Dollhouse Bake Shoppe in Los Angeles, CA. And after reading her menu of delicious little creations, I need to head out to LA! They are adorable works of art, packed with flavor! And she is super sweet to take some time to answer a few questions! Everything from her favorite cupcake flavor, to her inspirations...and yes, seaweed and cupcakes? Check it out!

1. Who is your biggest inspiration in the baking world?
I have more of an art background than a culinary background, so most of my inspiration actually comes from the art world, rather than the baking world. I love to bake and have been doing it my whole life, but baking is more of a chemistry, so for me, I get excited about the decorating aspect, where I get to use my treats as an artistic outlet to sculpt and design.

2. What made you choose to create adorable dollhouse size desserts?
I have always been petite, learning at an early age that good things come in small packages, so making tiny treats only seemed natural. Here in LA, a bite sized dessert alternative is very appropriate when catering to this type of clientele, who are looking for a little bite of heaven, without the guilt of indulging.

3. What do you plan on doing with your winning check?
I have huge plans of owning the biggest dollhouse in the world, so stay tuned!

4. Would you ever compete in something like Cupcake Wars again?
Absolutely!! I thrive under pressure, the whole excitement of it all is the kind of stuff I live for. It was an incredible experience and I would do it all over in a heart beat! It was really weird to see myself on TV, it is still so surreal, and I am just so thankful to have been chosen to be apart of the whole experience.

5. What is your favorite cupcake flavor, and why?
I have always had a HUGE sweet tooth! I am obsessed with cream cheese frosting, and have to stop myself from eating spoonfuls of it for breakfast. Our buttery brown sugar graham crust beneath a strawberry filled cupcake and a swirl of delish cream cheese icing on top, makes our "Strawberry Cheesecake" cupcake my fav!

She then added about her Cupcake Wars experience.
A lot of people cringe when they hear seaweed in a cupcake (like I did on the show, when I found out the secret ingredients" but I can honestly tell you, my seaweed sesame cupcake with honey cream cheese frosting is soooooo good... ya, really good! You have to try it yourself to believe it, but with the sesame, the seaweed just give a little salty kick, and paired with the sweet honey icing on top it almost tastes like a honey roasted peanut.

Thanks Lindsay! Congratulations again!


  1. Strawberry cheesecake cupcake sound so amazing. I'm dying for a cupcake now!

  2. I saw this episode. Fun! Nice interview.