Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chocolate Coke Float!

Nothing screams Summer like an ice cream float on a hot day! I was completely inspired to create a cupcake version of a Coke float! I made a moist chocolate cake, and swirled a Coca-Cola buttercream frosting on top! Each was decorated with a vintage red and white stripped straw, sprinkles and a cherry! Now how cute is that?


  1. How do you come up with these new flavors? Do you just start adding in coke to the buttercream? I love it! So cute! :)

  2. I'm interested too ~ do you just add coke in place of your liquid in your frosting? I also would like to know when you add your garnishes? I sell out at Farmer's Markets and find that mini Oreo cookies, banana chips etc. lose their crunch if added and then packaged the night before. Is there some secret I should know? I love your blog!

  3. Trust me, there is trial and error! To get the coke flavor I use coke syrup. You know the kind that you would use to settle your tummy? It dawned on me when I was trying to make a simple syrup using sugar and coke that I could just buy it and add it in for flavor. It was hard to find, but I got it at the pharmacy counter.

    My frosting is not an exact science. I usually change it to get the right texture and flavor for each individual cupcake. But I always add the flavoring to taste, and I do not substitute it out for the liquid.

    Garnishes - Well, something like a cookie would get soggy, so I usually bake and then add that the next day. I have never had an issue with banana chips getting soggy. I once made lemon cupcakes with a fresh mint garnish and it wilted. Once again, it's all trial and error. For every 5 awesome test try, I have 1 very devastating one. HAHAHA