Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Disney Cupcakes, Take 3!

In 2009 I spent 7 very hot days vacationing in Disney World. It was the last week of October, and it was my first time celebrating Halloween in Disney. I was super excited. I think I counted down each day for a year! Little did I know, it would be ridiculously HOT! The temp stayed between 90-98 degrees all week. It made it hard to even go out during the day. Being a Jersey native, I missed my cold Autumn weather!

BUT, I loved the decorations at the Magic Kingdom. (FYI - If you plan on seeing a ton of Halloween decorations, the ONLY place is MK or Downtown Disney.) While walking down Main Street USA, I decided to check out the Bakery, a super famous spot to stop and snack.They had Halloween cupcakes! I picked this spider cupcake because it matched my outfit that day. HAHA.

It tasted like most of the cupcakes at Disney. Nice, moist vanilla cake with a sugary frosting. BUT, that black frosting was horrible to get out of my teeth. I walked around the rest of the day frantic trying to rinse out the color! It was very unattractive smiling and having big black blobs stuck between my teeth! Not the best idea during my trip!

If you do plan on eating this cupcake, bring it back to your room. Then, immediately brush your teeth. Oh, and wear gloves, the black actually dyed my fingers!!!!


  1. That's a funny story... sorry that happened to you though

  2. black frosting sounds soooo cool though. i can't believe it was that hot the last week of october!