Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sweet Patrick

Sometimes there are those news stories that just hit you straight in the heart. For me, animals are precious creatures that deserve nothing but love and respect. I am a member of the ASPCA, worked with animals at a veterinary hospital, and I donate as often as I can when animals are in need (National Wildlife Federation, local animal shelters, rescue organizations, etc). You may be asking who this sweet pup is, his name is Patrick. He was found in a garbage chute on March 16th in Newark, NJ. Starved, with no body temperature, he was rushed to Garden State Vet Specialists in Tinton Falls, NJ. He was named Patrick because it was miracle he made it through the night, hence named after St. Patrick on March 17th. It's a blessing this sweet boy made it.

You may be asking what this has to do with cupcakes. Well, there is a special twist that I wanted to share with everyone. I know I blog about them a lot, but they are just an awesome cupcake shop! Sweet Avenue Bake Shop, a vegan cupcake shop in Rutherford NJ, was selling red velvet cupcakes last week to help support Patrick. For every red velvet sold, they donated $1 to him. They raised $701 dollars in just 1 week with online sales and walk ins. Even though the fundraiser has officially stopped, they still have dog cookies available. All proceeds go directly to helping Patrick!

Just look at that face! I love this dog so much!
To make a donation to Patrick and his friends in need:

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