Friday, January 28, 2011

Disney Vacation 2011!

It's about that time for me to pack my bags and head to my favorite place in the whole world...Disney! This year, I will be celebrating Valentine's Day with my hubby and my pup Linus in Florida. So excited! This winter has been brutual in NJ!

I have started my cupcake research for the trip and expect to have many reviews of the new
cupcakes Disney has to offer. Here are just a few things I intend on checking out.

1. NYC Babycakes cupcakes NOW in Downtown Disney! I love a killer vegan cupcake and I have been trying to get a taste of these for awhile!

2. Mini cupcakes at Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney! This I can not WAIT to try! A pack of 6 mini gourmet cupcakes. Flavors are: strawberry
cake with vanilla frosting, red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, yellow cake with red frosting, yellow cake with chocolate frosting, & chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Here is a greatphotograph from Disney Food Blogs.

3. Karamell Kuche is the new caramel inspired kitchen in the Germany pavilion at Epcot Center. I've gotten word they have chocolate and caramel drizzled cupcakes that are to die for. I am very excited to try them and report back!

4. Since it will be Valentine's Day, I will be checking in to some of my favorite bakery locations to see if they have any special for the holiday. The journey will include: Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom, The Boardwalk Bakery at the Boardwalk Inn, Goofy's Candy Co at Downtown Disney and Starring Rolls Cafe at Hollywood Studios.


  1. I went to Disney before christmas didn't see many cakes. In the Germany bit in epcot they have sticks of marshmallow coated with chocolate with a drizzle of toffee! I love disney too, and I'm obsessed with mickey heads so those sprinkles look sooooo cute!

  2. I actually had to postpone my trip to May, so I will be updating everyone soon!