Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupcake Wars auditions!

Since my interview with Candace Nelson, so many people have been asking if I will be auditioning for the next season of Cupcake Wars. There is no doubt that I can bake some killer cupcakes and presentation is super important, but competition is hard for me. I really think I would fold under pressure and crawl underneath the table and cry. HAHAHA. Plus, I am not sure if I could take the hosts insulting wise cracks. I mean, he comes up with some doozies!

HOWEVER, there is a cupcake shop in my state of NJ that totally needs to be featured! This is, hands down, my favorite cupcake shop. (and I have been all over the place trying cupcakes for awhile) Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford, NJ rocks my world! And guess what...they are 100% vegan! Don't knock it until you try it. Their red velvet can put anyone's to shame. What I totally dig about their shop is their attention to detail, their artistic point of view, their awesome taste in music and helping animals in need, and their ridiculously delicious cupcakes baked from scratch. Plus, they are super cute and always extremely nice! Side note: They also named their shop after a song by Jets to Brazil! Awesome.

So watch their audition video and write to:

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