Saturday, May 16, 2009

I (heart) Cakespy!

My original art work from the famous Cakespy arrived yesterday! I contacted my very favorite cupcake artist to create a piece for my kitchen. Featuring Cuppie the cupcake as a witch, mixing up a wicked batter in her cauldron. (Pumpkin even made it into the painting) HOW CUTE!

If you are not hip to Cakespy, go there NOW!

THANK YOU JESSIE!!! The Cupcake Cauldron salutes you!!!


  1. Now, I tend to think that my artwork is cute...but you are even cuter!!!! Eek! Thank you so much for the loving tribute to the artwork!

  2. I am wearing my Cuppie in Manhattan pin today. I have already gotten a ton of compliments on it!I am debating getting Cuppie for my cupcake tattoo.

    You're a star!